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Leo I am a teacher who has been using technology in the classroom for 20 years. I started with 3 Apple IIe and dial-up in the classroom. We are now starting to build a wireless netbook classroom. I listen to TWIT, FLOSS and TWiG and watch live when I can. One of the themes that is missing from your great shows is education. We are raising a generation in a connected Web 2.0 world and the schools are doing their best to keep out the connected social world. Some stories about schools/teachers that are using technology in the classroom to harness the power of the connected/social web would be great. Here are a few names of educators who are well respected in the edtech world: Will Richarson, David Warlick, Michael Wesch, Scott McCloud. Gina thanks for all the Google tips. I pass them along to other teachers and friends. James Walker