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Tech Break brings you technology news and updates as they happen. So stay informed and discover new gadgets, apps, unboxings, beta releases, interviews, and essential excerpts from our shows. With Tech Break there is no set schedule and our hosts will publish new content as it develops.

Launched in May 2014 as TWiT Bits, the feeds featured a clip from almost every episode of every TWiT show and continued being published in this method for more than 6,000 "episodes". On June 17, 2021, the show was renamed "Tech Break" and started to include original content as a way to publish breaking news without having to wait for a show, other time-sensitive content, or other content that doesn't fit within any particular TWiT show. The titles for clips start with "Clip" and podcast apps which support the "episode type" tag (such as Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts) will display clips as "Bonus". Original content does not start with "Clip" and has a regular episode type tag in the feed.

Clips are sometimes still referred to as "TWiT Bits" or "Bits".


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The feed may include clips taken from any TWiT show. This doesn't mean that every show must have a clip, but many do. Some shows, such as The Tech Guy, may have multiple clips from a single episode.

Club TWiT

Although Club TWiT members can subscribe to Tech Break along with the ad-free members-only podcast feeds, there is actually no difference between the public feeds and the Club TWiT feeds for Tech Break because Tech Break is already ad-free.