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Tech History Today
Episode 75

This transcript was provided by mojaam (talk | contribs) . Timestamped subtitles available here


00:04.00 Hello, I'm Tom Merrit with the look of what happened Today, on December 14th

00:08.70 In 1854, the 1st practical street cleaning machine was put into operation in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania

00:14.50 a series of brooms attached to a cylinder mounted on a cart

00:17.50 was turned by the chain driving by the turning of the cart's wheels

00:21.00 In 1965, Gemini 6A crewed by Wally Schirra and Thomas Stafford

00:25.50 launched from Cape Kennedy, FL

00:27.77 Four orbits later, it achived the 1st space rendezvous

00:31.01 with Gemini 7

00:32.40 In 2002, Creative Commons formerly launched

00:35.90 unvailing machine-readable copyright licenses

00:38.40 and the revamped website

00:40.70 Come back tomorrow for more history

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