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Tech News Today
Episode 100

Tech News Today 100: Thin Edge Of The Wedge

What you didn't hear from Apple, Mozilla's app store, Samsung's hole in the head, and more.


Top Stories

  • FaceTime coming to the Mac. Beta available today.
  • Preview of next Mac OS X, Lion. Jobs calls it Mac OS X meets the iPad. Better multitouch, a Mac app store. "mission control" and "launch pad" window
  • New MacBook Airs The 11 inch model will be $999 with 64GB of memory. $1199 for 128GB. 13-inch MBA 128 $1299 and 256 GB $1599. Available today.

Other Stories

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science



"Just a word on your Starcraft ban story yesterday. The guy was banned for using a 3rd party trainer that modifies the Starcraft .exe. Blizzard provides cheat codes for singleplayer, but these disable achievements. So really, this guy was trying to get his achievements without earning them. If he wanted to chat with his friends while messing around in the singleplayer, the game already provides a means to do that.

Andrew in New Jersey"

"Thanks to everybody who wrote in with their opinion on News Fuse. Turns out most of you love it just as it is, but we're always open to hearing about ways it could work better. Glen has some constructive criticism. ---""Tom and crew,

What I don't like is that you feel some need to read them so fast. Being an introvert and thoughtful man I like to take a few seconds to process the information that you are communicating. All I ask is that you just slow down the reading just a tad. Why the rush? And then add just one or two sentences explaining what the headline means. I look to you as professional broadcast journalist just to add a little something extra as to what the headlines you are reading in the news fuse means. We want to know what you think about the headline, just not the headline, give us content, even if it is just brief, and read slower so we can comprehend what you are talking about.

Been listening every day since show #1.

v/r Glen H. Kilgore"

"I am sure you'll get this from quite a few people but, congrats on show 100! (BTW Jason you are a welcome addition to the TNT crew.)

Tenaciously and triumphantly texting tangents towards Ted's ""tubes"". (Ted here being Ted Stevens. RIP)

Chris Portland, Oregon."



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