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Tech News Today
Episode 101

Tech News Today 101: Space Pirates

Opt-out party in Germany for Google Street View, Nokia fires people, Apple's huge security hole.


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  • all OEMs including Dell will not be able to ship any XP machine (preinstalled or with XP media as a drop in the box) after Oct 22nd.


  • Ryan: First caller has a unique Facebook privacy concern
  • Jeff: A heartwarming Netflix story



I don't know if I was seeing things right on my Roku personal channels but It seems that this morning the Hulu Plus channel magically appeared on my channel selection. I know I didn't add that myself, so ""HOW DID ROKU KNOW I Wanted HULU channel??"" I was hoping to find out from other people if this really is just something that Roku did with all US sold ROKU or if I was just singled out? Thanks for the great shows!!

Paul "

"Just a thought, but one thing that may be good about the idea of a ""Mac App Store"" is that as a customer I can trust the entire process of buying an aplication for the computer more in a Mac App Store.

In the past when I have purchase a program from a small developer they normally don't process my credit card directly and sent me to some other site to process a payment. Once the payment is processed the site then send the payment info back to the developer. Finially the Developer sends me the activation key. There are a lot of places this can break down and this ""payment center"" w has my e-mail and can spam me with ""great offers"" for Windows software even though ""I don't do windows"". As a customer I have more trust in Apple then these random payment processing sites.


"TNT, I just wanted to write in and tell you how much I love the show! It's a great way for me to stay up to date without having to browse all the tech news sites myself. Thank you!

A comment about the MacBook discussion you had today: Although it did seem as if they were just ""selling through"" the old white MacBooks, they redesigned it with the unibody polycarbonate enclosure. Also, it seems like it is probably one of the best selling laptops for the college or family crowd who pains at paying so much for a Mac. Third, it provides that push to buy the ""cool silver one"" for just a little bit more. I disagree that Apple is phasing out the MacBook. Redesigning/changing sure, but getting rid of? I don't think so. Only us truly geeky folks are willing to up to the ""Pro."" Normal people just want the cheap one.

Thanks! Megan

A teacher trying to make her students appreciate the geeks just a little bit more!"




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