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Episode 102

Tech News Today 102: Apple's Java Jive

China hijacks data, while toilet hijacks Chinese phone and Bunnie Huang fights the DMCA.


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"Hi Sarah Lane and the rest of the TNT crew, ;)

I've been a loyal follower since the first day of TechTV (except for G4!).

There has been a lot of discussion regarding streaming media, AppleTV, Roku, etc. and now Netflix calls themselves a streaming media company first and DVD-rental company second. As I understand things, there are two issues with this.

1. Streaming movies are inferior to the video and audio quality you'd get from Blu-ray discs played locally. 2. Potential for internet quotas. For example, Comcast currently sets a quota at 250GB/month which would allow you to download a few movies a month but since these streaming media companies are in direct competition with Comcast on-demand and PPV, it would make sense that Comcast would lower the quota to 10GB with a massive slow down on download speeds after that. Basically rendering streaming of movies and other content impossible for the rest of the month. Or they could go even farther and say if you download content from one of their ""partners"" then it doesn't count against your quota.

I want the highest quality movie I can get and I'll happily wait a day for the movie to get mailed to me, I can't ever see reason to utilize streaming for anything beyond podcasts. I'd be interested to hear the TNT's thoughts on these issues.

Thanks, Chad Baker"


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