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Tech News Today
Episode 103

Tech News Today 103: Schmidt My CEO Says

Erik Schmidt can't stop talking, porn targets the pirates, new Samsung stuff, and more.


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  • Barnes and Noble is expected to announce a new Nook at an event in New York tomorrow October 26.



"Hello Tom and TNT team!

I would like to begin by saying Iove your show and listen or watch it every day. I wanted to follow up on your news story from Friday about the Chinese man that got his arm stuck in the toilet. His arm was stuck because he excessively wrapped his arm with newspaper before plunging his hand in the toilet bowl (like that would help keep germs off) and the paper expanded when it was saturated and his arm was stuck. He did also recover his dropped phone, no word if it still works or not. Again I love your show, keep up the good work!


"Hi TNT crew

On show 102 you talked about James Gosling's answer to Jobs' claim that Sun/Oracle provides Java for ""every"" other platform. Sun is providing Java for Windows, Linux, and Solaris. See:

Maybe Gosling is right about HP, IBM etc. doing their own versions for some embedded systems (I guess) and the likes. But Since Sun/Oracle do Java for any other consumer OS (Win/Linux), it would be pretty weird if they chose not to do it for OS X too, wouldn't it?

Just thought that was worth considering :).

Love the show, Søren in Denmark

-- Søren Hugger Møller"




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