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Tech News Today
Episode 105

Tech News Today 105: No White iPhone For You

The Rare Earth blockade, PSP Phone reality, the death of P2P, and more.


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  • Seven out of 10 people store sensitive information such as medical and bank details on their mobile phone without any security, new research from security firm Juniper networks has found. They also found threats on mobile devices has jumped 250% this year. Coincidentally Juniper has just come out with a new security suite for smartphones. In unrelated news, TNT research has come out with a study that awareness of tech news has declined 250%. The solution? Subscribe to Tech News Today!

Kickers and Weird Science




"Regarding ""Lawsuit targets Google over Web referrals""


One question, why are they suing Google for something that their browser does and Google has no control over?

Love the show :) -- Michał T."

"I listened to all the talk on TNT #103 about Google's Street View.

Sorry. Help me out here. I must be missing something.

So they black out your house at 123 Fourth Street, Anytown USA.

Do we no longer know if the house exists?

Do we have no idea what the address MIGHT BE between 121 and 125 Fourth Street?

Are the Google coordinates removed from Google Navigation?

Do I cease to know the address of the house I was looking for in the first place?

Other than someone's personal decision not to share, why should I care really, as long as the app in it's entirety still exists?

The APP IS THE CREEPY PART. The rest is just details, and your house is collateral damage.

Please help.


ps. Love the show."




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