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Tech News Today
Episode 106

Tech News Today 106: A Home For Your Fingers

Secret PSP phone control stick, Microsoft suing Android users, China number one in supercomputers


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  • Dwight the key grip: Regarding Apples App store for OS X.


"Tom, Becky, Sarah, Dr. Kiki et al:

It was recently brought to my attention, via ""Get Him to the Greek"" rented on the venerable Netflix, that certain movie studios are now issuing rental only versions that limit the content to the theatrical release. Thus, I was technically forbade from watching the bonus features or extended/unrated version of the film unless I smacked down $20+ buckaroos to own the film I just watched. While I did enjoy the film, it's a rare occurrence where I actually purchase to own a movie anymore; I can't help but think how the movie studios are just digging a deeper grave for themselves and yet another instance of punishing truthful consumers of their products. I'm not sure if this is something you are aware of and am curious to hear yours and your commentator's thoughts.


Chris Hourihan."

"Hi Tom, Becky and Sarah!

I wonder why you don't advertise your youtube channel ""twit"". It is the place where I get the old episodes when I don't catch them live. I prefer youtube to downloading from twit and playing after.

-- calin"

"Hey Tom and Crew, Just wanted to drop my two cents on the playstation phone. Nobody seems to be commenting on the multitouch surface on the front of the key pad, which I believe to be the saviour of portable gaming with analogue sticks. iPhone games have their ""Virtual Analogue Sticks"" which I find to be a right pain to use as you can't feel how far your pushing the virtual sticks. It looks like Sony may have solved this problem. Looking at the multitouch pad on the front of the controller you can see what appears to be two metal pips. I believe these to be a sorta pseudo Physical-Virtual stick with the pips acting as the centre points for each stick providing a reference point you can feel as you move your thumbs around the touch surface. This is something that we could possible see in the psp2 or perhaps is the psp2. It would also bring the psp control scheme more in line with an actual playstation controller.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Phil The Mechanical Engineer Ireland"




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