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Episode 107

Tech News Today 107: Night Of The Living Geocities

Apple's number 4, the Nexus 2 is not the Nexus 2, AOL gets a refresh, and more.


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  • Office 2010 beta will expire Sunday October 31, get off your butt and buy it already
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab on sale in UK Monday November 1
  • Xbox Live Gold price increases on Monday Nov. 1, Re-up now!



"Mac OS App Store - similar to Ubuntu's Software Center?

When Ubuntu 9.10 came out with the Software Center, I was excited.

Finally, no more compiling software, no more downloading this package or that dependency... no more thinking, it was all done for me automatically.

I can't help but wonder how nice it will be on OS X, albeit paid software.

Yes, OS X doesn't require me to compile software (for the most part), I don't miss out on dependencies etc., but I'm lazy!

Click click click... and I have new software on my Mac, with ease... just like I do with Ubuntu. Not navigating to this page, or that page, just launch, click, boom.

I now have a peace of mind on downloading some of the smaller types of software, that I usually wouldn't buy a license for, but will now since I trust how my money is being exchanged, (Apple being the money handler).

Lastly, I'm more excited about how Apple is seemingly packaging 'their' software. Looking at screenshots from their website, the iLife/iWork apps are separated, and at 15 bucks a pop! This is awesome. I could give a rat's butt about Garageband, but I do want iPhoto '11. Now I can get what I want, vs. the lot, and for less $$$.

This is just another example of how fantastic of an idea Linux had, and Apple revamped for the consumer.

Bravo to the brains in Linux-land, bravo to Apple for making it mainstream.

Thanks TNT,

Aaron Hahn"


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