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Episode 110

Tech News Today 110: Go To Your Room Google

Microsoft's new hole, Why 4G is now meaningless, robot teachers for kindergarten, and more.


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"Hi TNT Crew,

On Friday's TNT you guys were talking about Microsoft giving away Windows Phone 7 for all the employees, and you mentioned that they would also pay the data plan costs. Unfortunately they won't. They are just ""reimbursing"" the cost of a Windows Phone when we buy one.

This is actually not much of an incentive and many of my colleagues that have iPhones or Androids are already saying that they will get the phone but probably keep their current phone too. Just thought that would be an interesting piece of info.

Also, like Android, the new windows mobile screens uses 16bit color depth. This means bad color gradients, and that's one of the main reason that they went with that Metro look. If you observe, there is no color gradients or drop shadows in it. I, particularly, think that the Metro is ugly and prefer the Android solution better. I was also not impressed by some prototypes I saw, but as we know, Microsoft tends to get it right on the third iteration of our products. I do consider Windows Phone 7 to be gen 1 of a new mobile platform.

Love the show! <The Microsoft Anonymous> "

"Hey Tom,

Here's what I was telling you about in the chatroom.

The interesting part of the article in my opionion is this:

I asked Bob Muglia, the Microsoft President in charge of the company’s server says:

“Silverlight is our development platform for Windows Phone,” he said. Silverlight also has some “sweet spots” in media and line-of-business applications, he said.

But when it comes to touting Silverlight as Microsoft’s vehicle for delivering a cross-platform runtime, “our strategy has shifted,” Muglia told me.

It seems to me that Microsoft is throwing in the towel for Silverlight to be ubiquitous across lots of platforms and is relagating it to Windows Phone 7. The reaction from the development community was swift and harsh and Muglia posted a follow up on the Silverlight blogsite. . Even though he tried to re-iterate Microsoft's commitment to Silverlight, in the end it seems they realize that with all the differnet platforms available that trying to support Silverlight on them is a losing proposition.

Bob Fox ""AntennaGate"""



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