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Tech News Today
Episode 111

Tech News Today 111: A Diode In The Eye!

10,000 pants off the Internet, Microsoft Kinect evaluation, Hulu Plus opens for all


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  • Skype 5.0 for Mac Beta release
  • Faceboook Deals 10K pairs of free jeans on Friday @ Gap



"It infuriates me when you journalists talk about how lame Chrome OS will be. Do you not realize it's greatness for cheap business laptops or desktops where the employees only need to access the company's local intranet site and launch spreadsheets and such from there? Also there is a Chrome OS tool dubbed Chromoting where you can remote into a server or any other OS and launch a virtual desktop where you can open any sort of application. Also people could run Citrix Metaframe/ICA/XenApp programs which is how a lot of businesses allow people to open their company version of Microsoft Outlook or Excel or any other program from any computer in the world.

Android is for mobile or media consumption but Chrome OS could be for actual secure virtualization of the workplace. A slimlined, secure, fast portal to the cloud!

-Alan from Carrollton, TX (North Dallas)"


I had to laugh when you guys were talking about HD Paint. On my nails right now is ""HD"" nail polish. They even take it a step further with color names like ""byte,"" ""LCD"" and ""data.""

Love the show.





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