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Tech News Today
Episode 112

Tech News Today 112: Scopegate? Scopegate.

Google and Facebook stand-off, Dell dumps Rim, free TV on your iPad, and more.


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  • AT&T U-verse customers can use Xbox 360 as a set-top box starting Sunday Nov. 7
  • Monday Nov. 8 Samsung to unveil new Android device



Regarding the Light Peak vs. USB 3.0 discussion you had in episode 111, one argument for Intel and Apple not supporting 3.0 is to avoid disgruntled customers who invest in USB 3.0 hardware only to see it abandoned 12-24 months later in favor of the next new thing. If Light Peak *is* the future with lots of headroom for performance growth, maybe it is good to wait just a little bit for that.

Does USB 3.0 == HD DVD?

Todd From Davis"

"Hey TNTers,

As a solution for the problem of EMF-blocking in a plane's cargo hold without adding a lot of weight, I have one word for you: FlecTron. It's a woven nickel/copper fabric that can provide a near-total EMF block. It works so well that the NSA orders large amounts for its own uses... whatever they may be.

Rob Whyte"

"Hey Becky, Sarah, Jason, Tom and whoever else is hanging around the cottage,

My second grader son came home from school pretty psyched yesterday. He has made friends with some 5th graders and has now declared them his 5G (fifth grade) network. I hold that his use of 5G is at least as valid as T-Mobile's use of 4G. My son's network is probably faster, however.

I think I'm going to dub This Week in Tech as my 4G network (four geek).

Regards, Vic the Texas Rancher Pilot "




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