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Tech News Today
Episode 113

Tech News Today 113: Where In The World Is Leo Apotheker

Free in-flight WiFi, the new Rockmelt browser, Windows Phone 7 arrives, and more.


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"Hi guys,

Thought you might find the following story about the BBC iPlayer possibly dropping region restrictions in 2011 interesting:

The $10 figure seems like bunk inserted by the paper as it isn't sourced and would be prohibitively expensive even for top shows, but otherwise this looks like good news all round if it happens (more money direct to the BBC, and fans of BBC shows around the world wouldn't have to wait months to see the latest episode legitimately)... now if only Hollywood and the US networks followed suit (though unfortunately I think hell freezing over still has a higher chance in this regard).

Love the show,

Yours, Ethaniel England"

"Hey Tech News Today Hosts, I was reading up about getting local television stations on the internet, and a company that is trying out getting local stations to try out their hardware and software so that people in the locations can view their tv stations on the web where advertisers can peddle their wares better.

Tom, Jason, Kiki, and Becky,

I hope you can talk about SyncBak during your show sometime, because of the ivi and FilmOn controversy. "


This really isn't a ""best of"", but one thing I've always found enjoyable about this show is the people dancing to the roll-out music at the end of the show. In addition to putting together some of those scenes, you should solicit your listeners to submit videos of themselves dancing to the TNT theme music and put some of those videos together.

Todd From Davis"




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