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Tech News Today
Episode 114

Tech News Today 114: Ask Another Aearch Engine gives up the search engine game, the truth about LA missile launch, the solution to Net Neutrality


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  • Boxee Box ships to pre-order tomorrow November 10
  • Kinect comes to the UK tomorrow 11/10



"Thought you guys might be interested in this. Seems like a lot of people are having issues with the new Call of Duty game. I myself are getting ridiculously low FPS and massive lag throughout the game. I've been playing it for long periods for the last day (living in Australia they did a calendar day release so we were one of the first to get it) and multiplayer is almost unplayable, single player is a little better but still nothing like Modern Warfare 2. The steam forum posting already has 132,641 views so it looks like a lot of people are having the same issue. Seems to me the game wasn't properly tested outside of the developers own systems, they didn't do a public beta so couldn't test their servers before release.

Thought you guys might like to discuss this as its going to be a major gaming release.


Sydney, Australia"

"I did not get to listen to all of 113 yet, because the life feed on the Iphone App was interrupted. I have a different perspective on the color e-ink discussion. I can see a time in the near future where schools are required to provide text in color e-ink as an ADA accommodation.

I am a teacher and dyslexic. E-ink is easier for many of us dyslexics to read. The muted qualities that Jason was talking about help stick the text to the paper, so it doesn't start floating in the air and morphing into various optical illusions. As a kid I always favored """"cheap"""" paperbacks with slightly grayed paper to pristine hard backs with white paper. My parents always figured it was because I could buy more books. I realize now the cheap grayed paper was easier on my eyes and brain.

Current e-books are better than books, but some dyslexic do better with different colors of text. That is why you see them using color overlays on books. Being able to turn on an overlay filter on e-book would be a dream.

I combine this ability with audio books that can read the text to a student, and you can work around many """"brain glitches"""". This will let very smart people work to their full potential.

Speaking of audio books. I'm using the audible app on my student Ipads for a student who speaks Mandarin. He is using the audible to read """"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"""" with the rest of the students.

Kimberly Herbert Teacher in Texas"



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