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Episode 115

Tech News Today 115: Pianist Envy

The great composer scam, Google-Facebook spat, Hypertexting makes you party, and more.


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"Hi Tom and the TNT crew. In episode 114 my fellow Aussie, Hosko, reported that there where major lag and FPS issues with CoD Black Ops on the PC. Well it looks like these issues are isolated to the PC version. It has been found that Black Ops is a big resource hog on the PC and that seems to be the cause of the problem.

I have the 360 version of Black Ops and things couldn't be smoother and no complaints from my PS3 playing friends either. My guess is that this is just the latest example of game developers neglecting the PC because of PC games alleged low sales, high piracy and high tech support cost. PC version only bugs seem to happen with every big release and has caused me to stop buying PC versions unless they are from a PC centric dev like Blizzard. It's time PC dev's lifted there game.

From Nik in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia"

"Richard Thomson sent us this link NHL GameCenter streaming coming to Roku, PS3 "



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