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Tech News Today
Episode 117

Tech News Today 117: Microsoft Surface-less

Gummint regulates privacy, Kinect hacks, #iamspartacus, and more.


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  • Hulu seems to be getting it. Or maybe allowed to get on with it by its network overlords. Hulu Plus is now going to be available on the Sony Dash, you know the little Sony version of the Chumby. That sees Hulu promised to Roku, Xbox 360, Boxee and now the Dash, and already on the Sony PS3. It seems to be working for Netflix, which is on seemingly every device and raking in billions.

Kickers and Weird Science



"Dear TNT gang,

Following Paul Chambers' failed appeal yesterday against his conviction for a twitter post threatening to blow up Robin Hood airport, thousands of UK twitter users have re-tweeted Paul's original twitter post with the hashtag #IAmSpartacus. It is currently the top trending topic in the UK.

There seems to be a lot of support for Paul, particularly amongst comedians, who understandably are dismayed with the Judge's unwillingness to entertain the possibility that the offending twitter post might have been meant as a Joke. The British actor and comedian Stephen Fry has offered to pay Chambers' fine.

There appears to be particular dismay at the Judge's comment that;

""It could not be more clear. Any ordinary person reading this [tweet] would see it in that way and be alarmed"".

Which seems rather ironic given that it appears many ordinary people in the UK are more alarmed by the verdict than the actual tweet. Sadly, there is a rich history within the British judiciary of failure to keep up with modern technology and what 'ordinary people' feel is acceptable.

Regards, Conor from London (but still in Dublin!)"

"Since I've left home for college I've never paid for cable, and neither have a large portion of my friends. There are very few things I miss, most NC State ball games I can catch free over the air, and hulu +netflix on my PS3 has totally satisfied my content needs (plus it's on demand!). I don't know how sustainable this kind of model is for content creators but it certainly works for me. Added benefits include not having a clue what terrible movies are playing, I have no knowledge of the latest razor technology and I have more time to listen to podcasts! Thanks for the show, listen to it every morning while doing my intern thing.

-- Matthias Welsh President NCSU Underwater Robotics Club Online at:"

"Hi TNT Crew This is regarding the processor specific malware that you guys spoke about in episode 116. As soon as i heard that I just thought to myself, does intel have anything to do with it? When intel bought McAfee a little while ago i think i was one among many who went ""why exactly"". But with this, intel's looking a lot smarter now isnt it? i wonder if they funded the study. Love the show -Harysh from India "


Ford Sync


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