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Tech News Today
Episode 119

Tech News Today 119: Your Resistance Is Futile

One hundred naked citizens, Schmidt shows off the Nexus S, RIM takes aim at Apple


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  • 50 inch plasma - panasonic $699 prediction
  • Best Buy TV 46 inch samsung 120 hz $797, the 46" or 47" 1080p LCD HDTV. prediction $499
  • Expect to see a 55" 1080p LCD TV for $799. It should have a 120Hz or 240Hz refresh rate: not samsung toshiba vizio, LG (not sony or samsung
  • Best prices on TVS: December (2007 & 2008) or January (2009)
  • Best buy nook 149 down to 99, Flip cam 149- 99, 15 inch sony laptop 3 gb memory $399


"Hi crew,

This one's for Becky (re question about 120 vs 240 hz seeing as i'm responding to here request, us I'm sitting in her favorite recording studio - the united lounge @ SFO.


I've worked in both video production and post for the past 15 years. What is it I 'see'? I notice gamma shift difference, odd minor aspect ratio distortions, texture of the video image based on the noise filters that were applied, and of course, big things like poor macroblocking due to low bit rate encoding (most often seen on cable's lower tier channels where they are trying to saving $ on transmission). As for my home screen, I'm currently sporting a Samsung 52"" LCD that's 3 yrs old or so. It does have 240, but I find the grain at the frame rate distracting for most primetime content, so it's typically parked @ 120 til we watch a movie or sports worthy of the doubled framerate. In regards to quality of image, I'd rate from best to worst currently as :

OTA HD primetime content (18 Mbps MPEG2) Dish HD (not sure, but I gotta believe it's 10-12 Mbps H.264) DirectTV HD (not sure anymore - was MPEG2, but I think they made the h.264 switch last year Comcast HD (Portland Area- milage will vary elsewhere) Time Warner HD (NYC and Durham, NC - again, YMMV)

Hope this helps and keep up the good work!"



Ford Fiesta

  • Drive One #3
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  • Gazelle #5
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