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Tech News Today
Episode 121

Tech News Today 121: Wanna Play Airport, Billy?

MySpace's Apple moment, Gov't wants to kill your cell phone, Does Orb win the set-top box war?


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"Hey TNT Crew,

Just listened to episode 120. In discussing the leaked 36 minutes of Harry Potter, you mentioned a similar leaking of Tron Legacy. A few weeks ago, there was something called Tron Night, where they screened a 20-minute preview of the film. Not sure if there was a similar extended preview of Harry Potter, but that could be one explanation.

Love the show. Haven't missed an episode yet.

Paolo DLR"

"Hey TNT crew,

I know this isn't really a current topic, but a strange phenomenon has appeared here in South-Africa and I couldn't help but wonder if this is just a local thing:

The 3 carriers here have been pushing Blackberries very aggressively. Especially the lower end Curve models. One can get a Curve on contract now for relatively cheap including 'free' data on the BIS access point. Because mobile data is so expensive, this is a big lure. Also because of 'free' email and BBM, it has become very popular with the female population. As anecdotal evidence, my wife recently got one, and all her friends at work recently upgraded their contracts to get BB's as well. They continue to communicate after hours on BBM (on a social level), something they really only did via Facebook recently. Also all of them are now a LOT more active on Facebook and Twitter via mobile.

Now this is counter to the notion that Blackberries are business phones which are only used by business men. What's also interesting is that all these friends of my wife upgraded from Nokia and Samusing/LG feature phones. Does this mean that instead of taking on the smartphone market, that Blackberry is taking over the feature phone space? Could it be that Blackberry is starting to eat Nokia's lunch?

Love the show and all that Rinus Brand (rinbrand in the chatroom) Cape Town South-Afri"




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