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Tech News Today
Episode 122

Tech News Today 122: The Hat Of Nigeria

The great LimeWire hacker hunt, new plan for cheap Cox, virtual real estate hits big, and more.


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"Tnt crew:

While not really Tech News, the TSA full body feel-up is getting a lot of press among the geek press. Here is a NY Times story with a different basis: politics and economics:

For me, this is the money quote:

""More stringent security procedures, in essence, function as a tax upon air travel, and produce a corresponding deadweight loss. Teleconferences are often a poor substitute for person-to-person interaction, and when people are reluctant to travel, some business deals don’t get done that otherwise would have.""

While I understand gotomeeting is a good service, and helps pay the bills, I've not found that teleconferencing can close a deal. For that, you need eyeball to eyeball and a firm handshake. After its closed, go-to-meeting can save a ton of money, time and aggriviation of the TSA tax




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