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Tech News Today
Episode 123

Tech News Today 123: Does This Airport Scanner Make Me Look Fat?

How to make airport scanners less nakedy, Google's MS Office assault, do we need RFID boarding passes, and more.


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8Matt in Orlando: Geek points subtracted.


"Hello guys, I just listened to ep121 of tnt, and heard a listener email you on the blackberry situation in south Africa.

It is the same situation in Nigeria where i live. Every one has a blackberry or aspiring to get one(3 years a go every one had a nokia phone) The gsm networks are pushing the blackberry drive.The phone is most popular for the younger people ages between 20 and 40.

The black berry service in Nigeria has made communication abit easier , via blackberry chat, yahoo/msn chat, twitter, facebook etc. (computer density in nigeria is about 5%,ie not more than 5% of the porpulation have access to computers left alone to the internet)So in a way these mobile devices helps bridge the gaps. Some of the gsm network providers give unlimited data access via the BIS (blackberry internet service).

Most people using the blackberry agree that its services such as the BBM has reduced the operational and communication costs.People now prefer to send im's than to do a voice call.

love the show, listener from ep1 and podcast download made possible by my unlimited blackberry internet service. Dennis Patrick from nigeria"

"Our entire company had Optiplex GX260, 270, 280s about 5-6 years ago and the capacitors popped and bulged and they told us there had been a recall and sent a tech out to replace the entire motherboard the next day (each instance) but that's because we had Gold Tech Support (Enterprise). It took 18-24mo before the capacitors started leaking and we have a 36-42mo upgrade cycle so we only had a few dozen out of 200 that went bad before we replaced them all, but for schools and hospitals who can't afford to upgrade quickly... they've been screwed :-(

-Alan (in North Dallas)"




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