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Tech News Today
Episode 124

Tech News Today 124: Tighty Titanium Whities

Weird laptop from Acer, Verizon rewrites telecom law, Insurance spies on your Facebook


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"In yesterday's show, you joked about people still using Wordperfect. Sadly, my father's office is one of those places. He works in a US Attorney's office. I'm sure the fact the federal government is so far behind the times comes as no surprise.

-Patrick from Newton, MA"

"Hi TNT gang!

It makes me nuts when Apple complains about fragmentation on the Android platform. What about fragmentation in iOS? I think the Apple comments were directed at problems for developers, but what about the customer experience?

Nobody ever mentions the original iPhone. It is stuck at iOS 3 and abandoned. There are many apps that now require iOS 4. That is fragment #1.

There were hardware features added between the 3G and 3GS and another set from 3GS to 4. That means an application you purchase must accommodate those changes and will act differently for different users with different equipment. That is fragment #2.

With iOS 4.2 Apple is offering Find My iPhone as a free service on 3GS and 4. 3G is able to support this service, but it will still require MobleMe. This is the same service on the same level of iOS being treated differently on different models. This is fragment #3.

Apple can throw stones at Android, but they shouldn't be so smug. I don't think their record is that much better.



from St. Louis, MO (Tom's backyard!)"

"OK so I went GAGA for Hulu when it hit Roku, this weekend I took a long look at Hulu and lost my infatuation. Then yesterday my old girlfriend Netflix said she'd go as low in Hulu in cost but I'd have to settle for no discs. I'd like to say on my Facebook page it now reads that ""Netflix and I are back in a relationship""...HULU, it's complicated.

Phil Barter Worcester, Ma"



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