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Tech News Today
Episode 126

Tech News Today 126: Microsoft Wants To Be Your Cable Company

Xbox 360 as your set top box, US seizes 83 websites, wikileaks causes a controversy, and more.


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WikiLeaks hits the Internet:

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News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science



"I was watching the podcast the other day when you talked about the Acer tablet that has two touch screens. I haven’t heard any specs but I would assume that you would be able to connect a hardware keyboard and mouse via USB and/or Bluetooth. What would really be cool is if they created a keyboard that you could quickly ‘snap on’ over the lower touchscreen maybe by plugging into a USB port that was located on the side of the unit that would allow you to easily type lengthy documents. Just a thought. Love the show.

Chris Sellers Jonesboro, AR"

"Hi Tom et al.

A bit of twitter serendipity/15 minutes of fame:



And Qantas has offered her a free flight to Australia"





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