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Tech News Today
Episode 128

Tech News Today 128: Toothless Rules

Wikileaks gets the boot, Xbox modding judge gets mad, ipv4 runs dry, and more.


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"Hey TNT Crew,

I was driving home from a trip to Normandy France this weekend and stopped at a Shell station along the A4 French Highway. The credit card machine was having serious problems for the person in front of me, so the clerk reached down beneath the counter. A few seconds later I saw the OS2/WARP splash screen go across the computer monitor. I must have stood there in awe for 2 minutes watching the computer boot.

Only in France do operating systems never die! I just couldn't believe it, a circa 1994 OS still alive and kicking on the French roadside! Anyway, I thought Tom would get a kick out of my story!

Cheers! Kory K - Landstuhl Germany"

"Holographic world cup?

You may have seen this already. I'm only halfway through yesterday's podcast. However I thought the idea of a holographic world cup played in other stadiums was a pretty neat idea.

Doug from VA"




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