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Tech News Today
Episode 129

Tech News Today 129: Arsenic In Old Lakes

Xbox modding legal?, Google taking over copyright, Zynga buys everything


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"Hi Tom and Crew, This is Derrick, the Tech Teacher from Alabama. While listening to your thoughts on Google Editions in episode 128 and thought I'd offer my theory on why Google is making this move: Chrome OS. Since many tablets are touted for their use as e-readers, Google wants to offer a compelling, in-browser book reader for use on Chrome OS tablets. I look for a Google Editions apps to be front and center in the Chrome OS web app store.

Thanks. Love the show."

"Xmarks had said other companies were considering acquiring them, and now it's been announced that they chose LastPass. This is fantastic news; they seem like a great combination. I'm a big fan of cross-browser sync.

The only bummer was that they're not making it an additional feature of LastPass Premium. Rather, they've added a separate $12/yr service called Xmarks Premium and provided a $20/yr bundle. There's still a free version of Xmarks. I signed up for the bundle as a LastPass Premium user and the fee was pro-rated. - Paul"




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