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Tech News Today
Episode 130

Tech News Today 130: Not Safe For Miners

WikiLeaks roundup, Verizon takes its lumps, vibrating lollipops , and more.


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"Hi, TNT. I just wrote a blog post called ""Think Twice Before Building a Business on YouTube"" which I think you might be interested in (especially after yesterday's discussion of Google's copyright changes):

To summarize, we have a very successful watch review blog called Watch Report. In response to reader feedback, we started focusing more and more on video reviews using YouTube. And then one day, our account got terminated and all of our content (and followers, comments, page views, and YouTube ad revenue) were gone, and we can't get Google/YouTube to even explain why.

Anyone considering building a business on YouTube needs to understand the dangers of a system that has grown too big to take care of it's customers and partners.

Thanks, and keep up the great work.



In Episode 129 you discussed receiving text messages on a Verizon My-Fi. The messages can be retrieved using the VZAccess Manager. Verizon uses this to send me messages informing me when I pass the half way point and come close to my data allowance. The application also shows me the usage for the month each time I connect using the My-Fi like a USB modem. While most of my use of the My-Fi is as a hot spot, I connect using the manager on my notebook to check these notifications. I have received a notice from the manager of a firmware update for the device. Just thought you might want to know this.




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