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Tech News Today
Episode 131

Tech News Today 131: Nexus S Curved For Your Pleasure

iPhone stops speeding, Google Nexus S arrives, PlayStation Phone gets real-er, and more.


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"A couple of other factors that makes American cell phones more expensive: (RE, Friday Dec. 3 show) 1) More towers. Except for MAJOR cities, the rest of America as a lot fewer people per square km that Europe. So it takes more hardware, more wire to cover the same number of people and recoup the cost of the network. 2) Legacy legislation and laws in affect as the industry grew. I know in my state, that carriers originally had to bid to each individual county to be a carrier there. Taxes were so high in my county in the '80s that there were a lot of towers right at the county lines to provide coverage without paying the extra tax. And there 90 some counties in Indiana, so that is 90 some separate contracts. And some counties had exclusive contracts with particular service providers, so everyone else was roaming when in that county.

-- Robert Moffett"

"Hello TNT crew. I just listened to the TWIT episode 277. Now I know It was TWIT and not TNT, It threw me for a second listening to Tom Merritt. But I think the FoodTubes are a brilliant Idea!. And I think we can take it one step farther. If they are able to take the internet packet switching process and apply it for these tubes. Why not have maybe a 6 inch pipe go to everybody's house? We already have all the water and sewage and electrical what's one more? Now obviously It's extremely expensive but if I can sit down at my laptop after looking at my fridge, fill out my grocery list and hit send and my entire grocery order arrives within an hour's time I think it's worth spending a couple bucks to pay for it. I'd spend that in gas for the car anyway. Just a thought John from Jacksonville, FL"




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