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Tech News Today
Episode 132

Tech News Today 132: Chrome OS: Slicker Than Snot

Google Chrome OS Laptop, Kindle for the web, New virus tweets its way to Twitter, Android Honeycomb, and more.


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  • iPad 2 begins shipping from Foxconn in February for April launch?
  • Shack $50 off iPhone til Saturday
  • toy shortage alert singamajig, fisherprice iXL, dance star mickey
  • Be a part of TNT this holiday season!



"Hey TNT-crew!

Wanted to write in response to the discussion on data-mining. Blue-Kai, Lotame (Lo-tah-me), and eXelate are actually the major players (not Google and Yahoo, who though also collect your data, are in a slightly different business). The former is part of a big trend in the online advertising industry called ad exchanges/demand side platforms (DSP). Leftover display impressions from around the web are sold off in these ""ad exchanges,"" where advertisers bid on pricing (as opposed to CPM, CPC, flat fee models). To make these mass reach impressions worth something (since you're buying in bulk across sites), ""data"" (provided by data companies such as Blue Kai) is used to determine the if it's the right audience to serve the ad. Data could be anything from demographics, behaviors, past browsing history (re-targeting), etc. So while you may get several people on (for example), based on history/data, one may be determined as a woman 25-54 with kids living in suburban Pennsylvania and thus be given an ad for Ford Sync, while another is extrapolated as a man 18-24 and a ""early adopter (of tech)"" and be served an ad for HTC. Derrick - ddawg"




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