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Tech News Today
Episode 133

Tech News Today 133: Roast The Android Pigs

Europe assaults net neutrality, Android users hog bandwidth, why films will cost you $20,000, and more.


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  • Yahoo's bid as a content company is expanding today as they launched Yahoo Local Beta in 30 neighborhoods across the country. The geographic focus is currently on California, Michigan, and New York, including San Francisco,and some towns in silicon valley, plus Brooklyn, & 3 michigan towns Birmingham, Ferndale and Royal Oak. The site will try to provide hyperlocal news, deals and social elements.

Kickers and Weird Science




"Tom's mention of wanting the batteries on the Galaxy-15 ZOMBIE satellite allows me to share with you some random knowledge I learned thanks to knowing folks in the satellite industry. Satellite batteries for geosynchronous satellites are not that great. They only need to last, at most, 72 minutes, the maximum time of an eclipse of the sun by the Earth during an orbit. The rest of the time the satellite works off the power from the solar arrays. Galaxy-15, the ZOMBIE satellite, is still pretty much in a geosynchronous orbit, so it will survive until is gets low enough that an eclipse lasts longer than the batteries, and then the transmitter will shut down.

And now you know... Bob Philadelphia, PA"




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