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Tech News Today
Episode 134

Tech News Today 134: Drudge Dread

Fake Amazon receipt scam? Death of VGA, GTA is one man's life... literally, and more.


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Zap answers back about Chrome web Apps - Tom said "So it's good for devleopers, but not so good for me as a user when I could get stuff on the web for free." "No no Tom, it's not about...."

Anonymous: Why Android eats more data than iPhone


"Hi TNT crew,

Yesterday you reported on a study showing that Android users use more data than iPhone 4 users. As a former iPhone owner and current Android user, I think it simply comes down to background apps: On the iPhone twitter and facebook fetch updates when the app is launched. However, on Android a lot of apps remain in memory and have the option to update in the background. It's nice because my Twitter feed is usually up-to-date but it does increase data usage and battery drain.

Love the show, Jason in Austin, TX"

"Tom & Co,

Couldn't the .gov make wikiLeaks ineffective by giving them what they want; why not just pour a terabyte a day of crap documents into their servers ... making the 'real' leaks a needle in a big haystack?

Just a thought. Love the show.





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