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Tech News Today
Episode 136

Tech News Today 136: Strawberry Short Circuit

iPhone outsells all Verizon smartphones, Google under fire from MS and other search engines, strawberry-picking robots , and more.


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"A couple weeks behind in listening to the pcasts.. but yeah Jamaica and I suspect other Caribbean territories are fore the most part Blackberry.

Yep as a smartphone its top of the heap... Iphone et al just don't cut it out here. Its cool and chic but not as practical as a B'berry which has a keypad... handles messages like a snap (which is the main use of a mobile phone)..and a dataplan which is much more affordable than most.

Nokia of course rule the dumb phone market.

Russ Kingston, Jamaica"

"Hello TNTers. I can’t understand why you constantly use the phrase “Hack” when referring to the alternative uses for Kinect. The device itself has in no way been hacked as neither the software nor hardware for Kinect have been modified. An actual Kinect Hack would be if someone figured out how to load new firmware onto the Kinect so I could cheat on Dance Central which no one has been able to do because of safegaurds. That is what Microsoft has been saying all along. Read their quote on tampering again if you don’t believe me. Even CNET, when they started reporting on Kinect ”Hacks”, referred to them as “open source Kinect drivers” but the media in their attention grabbing way decided to call them hacks when they are not.

Oscar El Paso, TX"




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