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Tech News Today
Episode 137

Tech News Today 137: Stop Picking On ChromeOS

Privacy right for email, Who's picking on ChromeOS, Will Comcast win the set-top box race?


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"Hi Tom and Crew,

Congrats on giving good password advice on the Gawker story.

Heard you mention password managers are a good way to ensure you use a different password on every site.

There is another option that I thought you might be interested in as its quite cunning.

Its called pwdhash (from Stanford University) and what it does is it takes your password and the URL of the site you are logging into and creates a hash based on them.

pwdhash is a browser plugin (chrome and firefox) so you enter your regular password into a the login form but you press F2 before typing it in to signal that pwdhash should replace the password with a hash.

This means each site you log into using pwdhash has a unique password and that you only need to remember one password.

Also if you are logging in on a computer thats doesn't have the plugin installed theres a web based version of pwdhash, ( this is safer than it sounds as you never give it your username and the hash is calculated client side (nothing is sent to the server).

Cheers, Mike"


The Best Ever Tablet PC to get come January 2011! Nice hardware, and now a real Andiod device. So you get a 100% tablet PC like an iPad but better, that is also a perfect ebook reader. Barnes and Noble just ""Owned"" this market and for $250! I am getting one for sure.





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