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Tech News Today
Episode 138

Tech News Today 138: Free Beer For Forgers

Why monkey is a password, Is there an FBI backdoor in BSD? Whether you own your software, and more.


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"... after a fashion ;)

Danish broadsheet newspaper ""Politiken"" decided that they too, for the sake of freedom of speech, wished to mirror Wikileaks. Which they have. To that end they bought cloud space... on Amazon ;-)

Amazon doesn't know about it yet - so no waves ... yet.

Danish text: -hatebaddesign"


I was listening to the podcast from Friday, where you mention that Movie studios are experimenting to combat piracy, and you mentioned that they should start naming movies after common search terms. Well, funny that you mentioned that because there's a movie coming out in April of 2011 called ""Source Code"" ( At first I thought what a dumb name for a movie, but now I'm sure it's part of their evil plan to make the movie unsearchable for download.


-- Guillermo Castro"

"As an active duty USAF person, I can assure you that the NYT et. al. blocks are by no means the most ridiculous blocks we encounter on a daily basis. Some days, it seems like our network admins' slogan is ""If you can do your job, we're not doing ours."" Hooray for smart phones, that can give us the info we need.

-- Daniel "

"Dear TNT People,

I was watching your show 137 and I wanted to make the point that storing in the cloud can be entirely safe if end to end encryption is used like they do in Last Pass. Last Pass cannot decrypt a users password database and hand it over to the Feds even if they were ordered to because they do not know the encryption key.

Security Now went over it in a ton of detail.

-Ben Steele"




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