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Tech News Today
Episode 139

Tech News Today 139: Send the FCC Waffles

Nexus S rooted and delayed, Yahoo kills my favorite sites, turn in bad drivers to their insurance agents.



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"Apparently during the first day of deliberations on net neutrality, AT&T went through the FCC offices and handed out 1,530 cupcakes to FCC employees. They cost $29 a dozen, for a total of $3,703. AT&T claims it's tradition. Honestly, if that's all it costs to bribe the FCC, maybe we should get people to donate a fund for gift baskets?

Doug from VA"

"Hey Tom and TNT Crew

Jon From Adelaide Australia here just wanting to make a comment about Ep. 138 in which you were stating the problems with Mobile carriers charging for different content such as facebook.

Over here our carriers already do this but they do it in a different way. The Carrier I am with 3 Mobile offers free facebook, twitter, linkedin, and foursquare data (Amongst others) with all plans. If you want to go outside of these data areas the you need to use your included data or purchase additional data plans.

There are similar deals with other carriers such as Vodafone and Optus, this does not occur with Telstra which is our biggest provider however.

Hopefully this might be what your carriers are looking in to.

Jon ""The Student"" Adelaide Australia"




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