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Tech News Today
Episode 142

Tech News Today 142: We're Bringing Stylus Back

HP's WebOS tablet strategy, Microsoft's new Windows goes after iPad, and crazy FilmON guy rants against CBS.


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"You might be interested to know that Dvorak and Curry's blogs are blocked at NASA in addition to the ones your caller listed. - Braden"

"This is fascinating.

""This is why the Kindle crashes. Once a bit of paint has rubbed off the hooks, power starts flowing through the cover, leading to brownouts; the CPU does not get enough juice to operate properly and ends out either hung or rebooting!""

Thank you, Troy Peterson"

"Hi there TNT crew!

I wanted to tell you a couple of tidbits I was recently told by a friend of mine who works close to the team developing the upcoming Playstation phone. I have no way, whatsoever, to prove to you that these are facts, but as god is my witness, this is what he told me.

He showed the phone to me, and this is more or less what it looked like:

His, however, was a prototype as far as the design goes, meaning the physical layout might turn out be different. However, it will

  • be equipped with a 1.2 Ghz Qualcomm processor, a platform that is yet to be released.
  • It will be available Q1, and - this is what surprised me the most -
  • it will NOT carry the Playstation name. Apparently it is too costly for Sony Ericsson, and Sony doesn't want to give the name up for free.

It looked cool, and I really like the touchpad in the middle, acting as analog sticks. I'm sure it's a killer device.

Love the show, guys!"



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