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Tech News Today
Episode 143

Tech News Today 143: GamePrix Is Pronounced "Game-Pree"

Why Skype went down, Super Verizon Windows Motorola phone rumour, CIA starts WTF, and more.


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"Hi TNT Chaps,

There was a bit of a political argy bargy last night on this side of the pond over News Corporation's attempt to fully takeover BSkyB, the result of which means it is now more likely to be green lighted (decision due January). This may be of interest to you guys because it would mean News Corporation will have a paywall with BSkyB that has millions of subscribers for catchup/video on demand services, and a paywall with their newspaper division that has about 2 subscribers. So, post takeover comes Rupert Murdoch's master plan: News Corporation gives the BSkyB subscribers access to the newspaper divisions content and in one swoop Rupert has again saved print journalism from the apocalypse. Technically his business model for The Times et all would have still failed in my view, but, in business, it doesn't matter how you get the numbers as long as you do, and I think it is a move to watch out for.

Here are a couple of links with more information on story:

Love the show, and happy holidays to all at TWiT,



"Aloha TNT crew,

About that Windows port to the ARM architecture you guys spoke about yesterday...

Most people think of ARM processors as mobile chips but the architecture is also making significant advances into the datacenter due to it's significant energy efficiency over x86 chips common today. Just google ""ARM server"" and you'll see what I mean.

The only architectures supported by Windows Server are x86 (32 and 64bit) and Itanium which means Microsoft would get no share of this burgeoning market set to be dominated by Linux. My guess is they're porting Windows Server to ARM, not Windows 7 for tablets.

Keep up the great work,

Kyle Hasegawa Tokyo, Japan"

"Hi Tom and cohorts. In reference to your video caller about the blocking of news sites and the declassification of information. One of the first things they teach you is ""Publication does not mean declassification"". Won't matter how much classified gets loose it won't be declassified until the date stamp or the magic wand. You might be surprised at how much stuff is known from WWII that was still classified in the 1980's even though it was considered common knowledge and possibly taught in history classes. Go figure. Eric Jones"




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