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Tech News Today
Episode 144

Tech News Today 144: Tech News This Year


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News Fuse Year in Review

  • January
    • Google announces Nexus 1, Chrome catches Safari as number 3 browser, Microsoft unveils tablets-- HP Slate-- at CES, 3D is the thing of the year at CES, Google's spat with China, Jammie Thomas-Rasset gets her fine reduced, Apple announces the iPad, Lucy Howell born!
  • February
    • Steve Wozniak's complaints about the Prius make CNN, Google Buzz launches, Google Buzz invades everyone's privacy, Google Buzz is fixed, Google Buzz is abandoned, Microsoft-Yahoo search deal finalized.
  • March
    • Demands that ACTA be negotiated in public begin, iOS4 with multitasking, Sony announces Move, Google turns off its filterFacebook Connections controvery, Google opens VP8 codec as WebM, Facebook caught sharing data with advertisers, Facebook revamps privacy policy, Foxconn suicidess in China, HTC EVo announced...
  • April
    • iPad launches, Court rules FCC does not have regulatory authority over ISPs, Apple iOS 4 unveiling including ban on third-party compilers, Microsoft launches Kin, Twitter acquires TWeetie, Adobe-Apple war begins, Famous iPhone 4 left in a bar, McAfee bug bricks thousands of computers, Verizon drops Google Nexus One.
  • May
    • Facebook Connections controversy, Google opens VP8 codec as WebM, Facebook caught sharing data with advertisers, Facebook revamps privacy policy, Foxconn suicides.
  • June
    • iPhone 4 announced and released, Mark Zuckerberg's famous sweatfest at D8, HTC Evo goes on sale, Google hands over WiFi data, Kinect gets a name and details for release, Nintendo annoucnes 3DS, Twitter strats selling promoted trends, Microsoft store in San Diego opens, Antennagate begins - Jobs says you're holding it wrong, Hulu Plus launched, Google stops redirecting China site to Hong Kong, Microsoft kills Kin, Amazon buys W00t.
  • July
    • Google acquires ITA -waits for regulatory approval--still waiting, HP officially buys Palm, Apple acknowledges Antennagate-gives out free bumpers, Prince declares Internet is over, US presses charges against PFC Manning over leaks, YouTube leanback unveiled, Blizzard Real name controversy, Droid X released, FlipBoard released, Man claims he owns 83% of Facebook, Wikileaks released 90,000 war docs, Jailbreak exemption for rooting your phone made, Starcraft II arrives.
  • August
    • BlackBerry bans threatened, Feds admit storing checkpoint body scans, Google verizon release net neutrality proposal, HP CEO Mark Hurd resigns, Skype files for IPO, Ted Stevens dies in plane crash, Oracle sues Google over Java, Facebook launches locations, Intel buys MCaFee - also still waiting for approval, Julian Assange accused of sexual misconduct, Paul Allen sues everyone.
  • September
    • Apple announces new iPods-Apple TV and Ping, Samsung Galaxy Tab announced, Duke Nukem gets a release date, Google TV announced, Craigslist pulls adult listings, Apple eases developer restrictions, Nokia gets a new CEO - stephen Elop, IE9 Beta out, Facebook down for 2 days, French 3 strokes law kicks in, RIM introduces PlayBook, AOL buys TechCrunch, Leo Apotheker named CEO of HP.
  • October
    • Logitech Revue Google TV product unveiled, Facebook groups announced, Google shows off self-driving cars, Ray Ozzie leaves Microsoft, Sprint launches WiMax in NY, LA, MacBook Airs unveiled, NookColor announced, Microsoft Kinect ships.
  • November
    • Windows Phones launched, Sasmung Galaxy Tab launches, Google announces free airplane WiFi, Nexus S announced, Networks block Google TV, Facebook launches messaging service, Beatles come to iTunes, The Social Network movie premieres, TSA body scanner outrage begins, Stuxnet reportedly damages Iranian nuke, LimeWire loses in court, shuts down, Google Groupon rumours, FilmOn shut off from networks, Wikileaks first of 250,000 diplomatic cables released, Comcast-Levl3 dispute begins.
  • December
    • Wikileaks kicked off services like Amazon, Anonymous goes after Wikileaks opposers, Google launches eBooks tore, FCC announces new Net Neutrality rules, Nexus S goes on sale, much drier Mark Zuckerberg goes on 60 minutes, ChromeOS updates announce, Chrome Web store launched, CR-48 Chrome laptops delivered to everyone but Tom, BlackOps becomes best-selling game ever, Gawker hacked, Yahoo lays off employees-sunsets services like Delciious and Alta Vista, Zuckerberg visits China, Skype goes down.




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