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Tech News Today
Episode 145

Tech News Today 145: Open Mic

We select three fans of TNT to come on the show and talk about themselves, the show and the world of tech.



  • The hosts simply asked the guest some questions about themselves, what they're up to, and how they found the show.

Guest #1

I am sci-fi/fantasy author and dedicated tech geek (and creative genius according to the chat room:) I have recently become very interested in podcasting after co-hosting a few with a one Iyaz Akhtar and Derrick Chen. While I'm not half as informed or knowledgeable as the TNT crew, I can be very opinionated and often have a unique, miles-out-from-box view on things;)

Guest #2

Hey, who wouldn't want to have an uber-techie goth librarian on your show? I'm the Digital Futures Manager for the San Jose Public Library system of 19 libraries and have worked on emerging technologies since the late 90s when I was in college. My professional focus is web services of all kinds, issues of technology and intellectual freedom, and of course the digital rights management insanity that happens with libraries trying to lend digital content. In my 3 years at SJPL, I've launched a new website using only open source (just launched-, defended against a challenge to install internet filters in our libraries, launched a mobile app for the library, and am starting on a project to create historical walking tours of San Jose using augmented reality. I listen to the TWIT network on my commute from San Rafael to San Jose (3-4 hours a day), and listen to most of the shows. I am an award-winning blogger as well: I also speak and consult internationally advising libraries on their own web and other technology projects. So I'm pretty sure I could hold my own against the TNT gang (no offense dudes). I'd love to come on and banter til we drop.

Guest #3

I actually work in the online advertising industry (only recently sent an email about online ads). My job allows me to really take part in new and emerging technology (gaming, mobile devices, Google, Facebook) as well as be in the front lines in a lot of recent debates (online privacy, online vs TV vs print, etc.). It's an interesting position where I'm in, especially in light of a lot of stories that talk about advertising/online privacy, as I see it and understand it on both sides. Not to discount my spiel above (on why I should be considered), but aside from my inherent passion for the show, I do believe I could contribute a little something as well. References: Iyaz, Phatemokid, Frontline (of Gigawhat and the GMen Show) a.k.a. that crazy group of guys invading CES-Vegas in a few weeks!



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