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Tech News Today
Episode 148

Tech News Today 148: Tech Predictions For 2011



  • Net Neutrality
    • People will hate Comcast more.
    • Congress will be forced to act on net neutrality.
    • Net neutrality will be more complex as more people use mobile device.
    • The general public will be forced to have an understanding of what net neutrality means.
  • Apple
    • No iPhone on Verizon .
    • There will be a Verizon iPhone.
    • In the end of 2011, no tablet will come close to beating the iPad.
    • There will be a new iPad with a camera.
    • We will not see a white iPhone.
    • Apple is going to announce or release new revolutionary 3-D technology across it's platforms.
    • Apple will have the Apple TV built into a partner television.
  • Google
    • Google will move into the market into producing television content.
    • By then end of 2011 Chrome OS will "eat" the rest of the netbook market.
    • Google Chrome OS netbook's will be thiner then they are now.
  • Company to be Acquired in 2011
    • Twitter
  • Internet TV
    • Competition for internet streaming will narrow, and one will have a lead.
    • Internet TV will out shine 3-D TV.
    • Blockbuster will completely go away.
    • Cutting cable will not change
  • Software
    • App Store's galore.
  • Media
    • Copyright battles.
    • iTunes music subscription cloud service.
    • More pay walls going up on news paper websites.
    • Ad dollars to rise.
    • Book publishers will start suing fans.
    • All major live sports will be available on an internet streaming box.
  • Gadgets
    • Facebook phone.
    • Windows tablets will be more popular then Windows Phone 7.
    • Laptops sales will slow.
    • 55% of all mobile phone will be smart phones.
    • A big break though in battery technology.
  • Final Predictions
    • Apple will make a 42 LCD TV with Apple TV built into it.
    • Apple will buy sonos.
    • Google will buy Twitter.
    • Disney will buy Yahoo, or ABC News and Yahoo News will merge news sources.
    • The Wii will have a major upgrade.
    • Netflix will get 50 million subscribers.
    • 3-D TV with out glasses.

Companies will have to have thought about a way to be able to transfer personal data out of a specific service.

    • We will not see the end of WikiLeaks.
    • Skype will be sold again.
    • Skype HD on the TWiT Skypeasaurus.
    • Near field communications will become the new buzz word for mobile devices.
    • Browsers will take on more OS platforms.



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