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Tech News Today
Episode 155

Tech News Today 155: Windows Phone, The Phantom Menace

Google drops H.264, iPad coming to Verizon, yeah that's right, iPad, and why AMD is in bad shape.


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"Hey Tom, Jason, and everyone else who's there today,

I'm seeing a lot of coverage on the new Droid Atrix, but almost everyone seems to miss the feature that seems to be the most significant to me: the fingerprint sensor on the top of the back. To my knowledge, this is the first consumer smartphone in the United States with this level of biometric security. I think this actually makes many features of the smartphone far more realistic, such as mobile banking, mobile shopping, etc.- I currently use my iPhone for these tasks, but the security code is too cumbersome and easy to steal. This new feature on the Atrix might be enough to make me ditch Apple for my next phone.

Love the show!

Mike the chip designer in FL"

"Hey there hopefully-fully-rested TNT Crew,

First, thanks a lot for all the CES coverage. I look forward to watching the 3 HOUR special in iTunes.

I saw Tom and Brian review the 3D laptop that tracked your eye movement. I wonder if audio companies will come up with similar technology for *ear* tracking. I hate that you still have to precisely position surround sound speakers in order to get accurate surround sound. It would be great if you can just get them around the right location, then a sensor tracks every person's head. That way, every person can hear in surround no matter where they are in the speaker field.

Thanks! As always, keep up the fantastic work. - Jason from near Rochester NY"



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