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Tech News Today
Episode 156

Tech News Today 156: Exploded Playstation Phone

Video of the iPad2, Nintendo 3DS and PSP Phone get cracked open, Google invents the Universal Translator, and more.


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The Verizon iPhone Aftermath

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"Hey Tom and crew, I love listening to tbe show on my morning commute. My question about the verizon iphone is, if CDMA doesn't allow voice and data simultaneously. What happens if u are sharing a wifi connection and you answer a call on the iphone? Does is kill the data connections? I am on a GSM network and was curious how that works. Thanks and keep the show rocking at 11 in 2011.

Omar from Tampa, Fl"

"Tom and Crew,

I was thinking about reasons to have a Verizon iPhone now, and then release a new one in June. They will probably still carry iPhone 4 even if there is still an iPhone 5 just like you can still buy an iPhone 3GS. The 3GS will probably be phased out when the new one comes out. I think the marketing people like saying you can get an iPhone starting at $49 or $99 even if it isn't the latest version. Just my thoughts, no inside information. Love the show.




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