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Tech News Today
Episode 157

Tech News Today 157: Men Are From Mars, Computers Are From Somewhere


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"Hey Gang,

Yesterday you mentioned both Sprint and Samsung have announcements next month. How about the first 4G tablet?

Laurie Scott / TekChicLaurie Austin, TX"

"Regarding H.264 being pulled from Chrome because it isn't open & free. I would be curious to know what other patent-ecumbered standards Google will abandon because of its ""open"" religion? I read this today (but haven't verified it):

From Gino Cerullo: ""USB, IEEE 1394 (also known as Firewire), HDMI, are all open standards that are also patent encumbered and require implementers to pay licensing fees to use them.""

Will Android and Chrome computers stop supporting USB and HDMI? Will Google-powered devices be banned from playing high def playback to TV's because they don't want to support HDMI/HDCP? Will Google come up with their own proprietary connectors to avoid patent encumbered cable standards?

Supposedly studios are requiring all future Blu-ray players to only output HD through HDMI. Will Android in Blu-ray players and set-top boxes not support HDMI?

This is all crazy.



Long time listener - first time emailer. Thanks for the shows, I've really enjoyed listening.

As you would be aware, Australia is in crisis with the Queensland floods - 75% of the state has been flooded and many Australian people, homes, business and farms have been lost. If you would please give a shout out to the Flood Relief appeal, it would be deeply appreciated. I know you're a technology show, and a few things have been of interest: our networks jammed and failed - mostly due to water and power damager ( and Twitter became a primary method of update for the Queensland police. Go twitter!

For appeal funds:

Again, thanks for a great show.

Ally Smith"



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