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Episode 159

Tech News Today 159: The Doctor Is IN


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"Hey TNT, Regarding Apple stopping News Papers from giving away a free app if their subscriber pays for a print version: These companies have other options. They can give the subscriber a link to a pdf file that then could be read on any electronic device. Granted that means storing them on their own servers but its an option. For some reason I don't think its Apple trying to get money in this case. If so, why do they allow Kindle & Nook software on their devices when they don't get the book sales? There has to be something else too it. I have a feeling Apple is in negotiations with these publishers for subscriptions and maybe even coming out with a new app called iMags to service this industry. It just doesn't seem like apple to cut themselves out of any market where they could possibly give people more of a reason to buy their hardware. Just my 2 cents Keep up the great work, Michelle L."



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