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Tech News Today
Episode 161

Tech News Today 161: Stux To Be You

Proof Google spikes search results, Your employer can spy on emails to your lawyer, Stuxnet should be sucks-net, and more.


Top Stories

Discussion Stories

  • Stuxnet Authors Made Key Errors
    • security consultant Tom Parker at Black Hat DC on Tuesday
    • sent commands in the clear, command and control generally inelegant --Spread widely across the Net, not so good if it is meant to be targeted, ---lame code obfuscation. -may have been developed originally on contract and then once it was handed off to the end user, that group adapted it by adding the C&C infrastructure and perhaps one of the exploits, as well.

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science

  • Flasher Detection' Algorithm Aims to Clean Up Video Chat
    • To get over the problem of skin-coloured walls and furniture, they combine skin detection with motion detection that compares sequential frames to see whether the"skin" is moving. And they use face, eye and nose detectors to distinguish facial from non-facial skin. The results are fused and the image is then classified as normal or offensive, having been trained on the initial dataset.


Voice Mail


"Hello Tom, Jason and whoever else is on the show today,

On TNT160 Tom remarked that on Android, unlike BlackBerry and iPhone, not all the phones will be updated to the latest version. All I want to point out is that even on iPhone, you don't get the latest update on all the phones - the original iPhone no longer gets the latest version at all, and even the 3GS doesn't get the full feature set. The only reason it's more noticeable on Android is because there are much more phones.

Love the show, keep up the great work, Kost."

"Buenas tardes TNT,

I just listened to yesterday's show and I have one helpful piece of advice for potential Sprint customers. While there is no way around the new $10 premium that they are charging for smartphone plans you can go ahead and use their SERO program (aka the Everything Plus Referral Program) to start a new account for just $69.99 a month versus the $79.99 they advertise as the base smartphone plan.

You just need to go to and it will ask you for a Sprint employee email address and the last 3 digits of their employee ID. Russ McGuire, a VP with Sprint, offered up his info to give anyone access to the SERO plans a couple years ago. So thanks to Russ you just enter and 383.

And voila you have your $10 a month back.

Keep up the great work.




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