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Tech News Today
Episode 163

Tech News Today 163: Duke Nukem Forever And Ever

Is there a smoking gun for Oracle against Google?, Duke Nukem gets a release date, why Mozilla's blocking Skype, and more.


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I don't think Apple is using pentalobe screws to stop tinkerers, but to identify them. If Apple is going to offer warranty and Genius Bar support for their devices it's in their best interest to make sure that the problem with the device wasn't caused by hacking. With standard screws anyone could tinker with their phone, replace parts and, if they cause a problem, just put everything back the way it was and Apple wouldn't know that the user did anything. This way, you can still open the case of the phone, but Apple will know it. You can't pretend that you didn't void your warranty if you did.

Apple isn't trying to stop hackers and modders. They just don't want to have to fix the problems that hacking and modding can cause. You should have the right to open up your iPhone. You should also bear all the responsibility of fixing whatever you screw up, if you do.

Pax, Regi"


Maybe not your usual beat, but perhaps of interest: dwarfing (in terms of game credibility) the already impressive acquisition of Newtoy (the studio responsible for Words with Friends and We Rule), Zynga just nabbed a very big fish: indie darling and Drop7 developer Area/Code.

When Zynga eventually rules the world (for good or ill), today will be remembered as the day that the game industry stopped sneering and starting sending their resumes.

Give me credit when it comes true,

Greg in DC"



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