Tech News Today 17

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Tech News Today
Episode 17

Tech News Today 17: iPhone 4: Hotter than Becky?

YouTube wins against Viacom, Leo finds an iPhone 4 next door, Droid X is official, and more.




  • Voicemail from JD about iPhone 3G upgrade to iOS4
  • Email from Phil about high PC requirements for OnLive
  • Email from Ralph about encrypting WiFi connections
  • Email from Matt about using Minority Report interface in real life
  • Leo brings in Will Soper's iPhone 4 to compare with Tom's 3GS
  • Email from Adam about Telstra's stadium naming rights



  • offer code TNT
  • Carb. #3
  • ad times: 00:34-00:44 and 11:32-12:43


Production Information

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