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Tech News Today
Episode 171

Tech News Today 171: The Yester-Daily

The Daily, Microsoft rides to Chrome's aid, and guess who's getting in-app payments besides Google?


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"Rearding Apple and in-app purchases. I'm guessing that another part of the terms for developers is that you can't sell in-app content for more than you would outside the app? If so, those bastards! If not, Sony/Amazon/B&N could raise iOS in-app prices by 30-40% to minimize their loss. Want to get the best price? Buy from the website!

Brian S"

"Well, one of the DSL resellers here in Canada has come up with a novel approach to moving large amounts of data. It's the kind of solution that takes us back to the 1990s. Please see pg. 2 at Essentially, the great solution is to start physically shipping hard drives between the consumer and ISP by courier to avoid ridiculous overusage fees now in place.

Way to move ahead Canada! Next we'll be throttling real traffic on the roads to 8mph, to 1910 levels in an effort to save lives and save fuel.

This will be the last email you will receive from me from Canada. I will be upgrading to a messenger pigeon service starting next week.



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