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Tech News Today
Episode 172

Tech News Today 172: Thumbs Up For Xperia

Is Hulu's Jason Kilar trying to get fired? Bandwidth caps in Canada may not go, Yahoo's WP7 bug affects iPhone too, and more.


Top Stories

  • CRTC must reverse internet usage ruling: Clement
    • "in light of the requests and the concerns expressed by Canadians," the CRTC will delay implementation of UBB for "at least" 60 days, and launch "of our own motion" a review of the decision, in order to ensure that it "protects consumers" but still has those who use the Internet heavily "pay for their excess use." For the CRTC, it is a question of "fundamental fairness" -- ordinary consumers should not be forced to subsidize "heavy users." - Konrad von Finckenstein chairman of CRTC to the Industry Committee. Von Finckenstein stresses that it is a very small minority of users who would be affected by this decision, and claims that there would be "no incentive" for the major providers to enhance and maintain their networks without some sort of adjustment to the pricing model. Oh, and thanks to the staffer who just dropped me a note to confirm that yes, according to the Bell study cited by Von Finckenstein, it is 14 percent of the users responsible for 83 percent of the usage.
    • Sorry about that! Canada reverses metered Internet decision

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News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science




"Hey TNT! has just cropped up in my twitter feed as an RT, and figured you guys might want to take a look, and remember why old media, with it's values on scarcity, is just broken when duplication is just a button-press away.

Love the show.

Allan Bowden-Smith"

"Hi Tom,

Here's why I disagree with you about The Daily.

I'm a fan of Automobile Magazine. It comes out monthly, so it doesn't always have up-to-date info. However, it does have great photography, great writing and intelligent editorial. If I want up-to-the-minute info I have the web for that, but being first doesn't always give writers time to go deeper into a story, give historical perspective or (sometimes) report accurately. I like blogs, but I'm looking forward to consuming content that's had more time to bake and that's written by seasoned reporters. Information is like food. You can have it fast, cheap or good, and the most you can have is two of the three, but not all three. The Daily might be cheap and good, and (like the song says) two out of three ain't bad.

Pax, Regi"

"Hey TNT,

I find the Canada broadband issue slightly funny because you talk about how 25GB is so small and data caps are crazy and yet here in Australia, we’ve always had data caps (but we still hate them).

Here are a list of some broadband prices in Australia. These prices are the cheapest plans I could find on 5 major broadband carriers in Australia offering ADSL 2+ unbundled from home phone.

Telstra (Biggest Carrier) – $49.95 per month for 2GB Optus (2nd Biggest Carrier) – $59.99 per month for 120GB (50GB on peak, 70GB off peak) iiNet – $39.95 per month for 20GB (10GB on peak, 10GB off peak) Internode – $39.95 per month for 30GB TPG – $29.99 per month for 15GB (5GB on peak, 10GB off peak)

These providers all offer better deals if you bundle broadband with your home phone, but we still have data caps (and these are much better than a few years ago, we’re getting higher data caps). Also a lot of people are unable to get internet from any other provider other than Telstra depending on where they live. So when it comes to Canada, I disagree with the new regulations on their data caps, but the US & Canada should feel very privileged to get access to nearly unlimited data usage, because it’s not the same elsewhere in the world!

Andrew Birch"



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