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Tech News Today
Episode 173

Tech News Today 173: It's Me Mario, In Your Face

Verizon goes all Amazon on sales numbers, cut and paste comes to WP7 (sort of), should Nokia team up with Microsoft, and more.


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"TNTCrew; Don't know if it's because I'm Old-School or just Old, but whenever I hear about someone shutting off the Internet and then people not being able to communicate via their computers one word that comes to mind is ""FIDONET"". We were able to share messages, discussions, files and email from all over the world, just not as fast. BBS's may be dead, but not forgotten.

Great show TSandayu an ex-SYSOP"

"Tom, Not so quick on the atrix. You missed the fine print on the pricing. It's 500 plus signing up for the 45 tethering plan. You aren't actually tethering though. And 300 or 500 for an empty shell is not a good price. Why not just buy a full laptop and use pdanet? The folks on every single motorola android forum are mad as hell.



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