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Tech News Today
Episode 174

Tech News Today 174: Kyocera Echo Introduced With Fish Wine

Facebook secure setting is broken, Anonymous wreaks havoc on security firm, what AOL buying HuffPo really means., and more.


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"I was in a room of non tech people watching the game when the Xoom commercial came on. No one in the room even understood what they are advertising and were still confused until I explained the ad. I think they failed big time. Maybe they should just stick with talking about their product and not there competition or customers.

Joe from Grand Rapids, MI"

"Hey Guys, For the last couple weeks I have heard TNT talk about George Hotz jailbreaking the PS3, and Sony's stink over it. I've always sided with Mr. Hotz. I'm an advid gamer and owner of a PS3 myself. For the last month or so I haven't really played my PS3 (Thanks to WoW: Cataclysm), until tonight. I started playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and was shocked by the antics in multiplayer. Players were jumping 100 feet in the air, changing the clan tags of other players, and even killing players before the game has even started! Realizing the game was hacked, I went online to investigate. I found that the jailbreak Mr. Hotz made public enabled these game hacks. Here is a link from the game developer Infinity Ward stating what is going on... . I'm all for open access to hardware, but is there a way to do it without hackers taking the fun out of gaming? Thanks guys, love the show.

Justin, from Oklahoma"


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